As a team of passionate horse owners and racing professionals, we understand the bond between horse and rider. From the first riding lesson to the world stage, we are here to accompany you on your journey.
With a lifetime of competitive riding experience, we understand the importance in making the right feed decision to bring out the best in your horse.

It is this desire to ensure every horse has access to the highest quality nutrition that drives us, as a company, forward. All our products are 100% natural, and created to exceed your horses needs in sport, quality of life, and any specific requirements.


Michael Clarke is one of Australia's great jockeys winning the Melbourne Cup, Australia Cup, Cox Plate, and the only Australian jockey to win the exclusive Japan Cup on the horse 'Better Loosen Up'.

“It is this same passion and knowledge for that he brings to supporting the next generation.”


William grew up riding and has developed a bond with his horse that can’t be broken. Finding quality advice and products has not always been easy. It was this drive to ensure that his horse received the best nutrition that first drove him to establish EQUINETICS.

“It’s is like my horse is an extension of me. I couldn’t stand the idea that she wasn’t living his best life”.


Peter has been working in the industry for over 20 years and has a vast knowledge of horse physiology particularly when it comes to race day preparation.

"It's easier to keep a horse in good shape than to get a horse in good shape. It's that simple. All athletes whether human or animal need the right nutritional elements to perform at their best and be resilient against injury."


EQUINETICS has been built on three key principals;
Exceptional Products
“Our products are 100% Natural and do what they say they are going to do”
Genuine Quality Advice
“Our team have been there, and delivered on the world stage"
“Our team will deliver on what we say, without question.”


We believe that there is no greater bond than the bond between horse and rider.
It is the commitment to this bond that drives our product development and desire to give back.
For this reason, every Monday night we run a completely free information night.
Horse lovers from across the globe can login and ask our experts any question,
and receive honest genuine answers.